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On the way to becoming a leading producer of textile baby products

Karl Zehnder and René Leib found the company ZEWI AG in Zug, Switzerland.Their aim: to bring disposable nappies to market 

  • ZEWI soon increases its product range, from clothing and bibs to fashionable collections.
  • In 1970, the company acquires the licence for a patent for the ZEWI-FIX blanket. The baby range is continually expanded and ZEWI becomes the leading producer of textile baby products in Switzerland.
  • René Leib dies in August 1985 after serious illness and Peter Leib takes over, running the company in the second generation.   
  • In 1987, ZEWI purchases the company Atelier 49 AG Spreitenbach, owner of the well-known brand bébé-jou. The product range now comprises ZEWI’s textiles as well as bébé-jou’s popular „plastic series“ and other bébé-jou collections. 
  • The two companies merge in the Swiss town of Spreitenbach in 1989, forming the ZEWI und BÉBÉ-JOU AG.
  • ZEWI bébé-jou moves into a new building in the Knonauerstrasse 58 in Cham in 2002.
  • Today the third generation of the founding family is already active in the company.
Founded in 1962, the ZEWI AG has been a major player in the market for baby accessories for more than 50 years.