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9887 Breastfeeding/support pillow Micro beads 190cm_9887

Breastfeeding support pillow micro beads, ca. 190cm

Art. 9887

This breastfeeding support pillow provides full support for your baby's back during breastfeeding. Young mothers often complain about a sore neck and arms: The ZEWI breastfeeding pillow helps prevent and minimise pain with its ergonomical form that curves naturally around the body. The pillow allows your baby to rest in a comfortable position to latch on.
The support pillow is useful before birth, too: It can help mums-to-be get a comfortable night's sleep by supporting their back, knees and growing bump, therefore minimising back pain. The pillow, part of the current ZEWI children's bed linen series, can be a trusty companion for mums and babies for a number of years. We can guarantee that no toxic colours and only the best materials are used for ZEWI products. We are careful to make sure that no child labour is invovled in the production process and to avoid any environmental damage.

Cover 100% cotton
EPS-beads 0,5-1.5 mm
Length: 190 cm
Washable 60°

Fr. 119.–